About Azure Integration

When you choose CCL as your reseller of public cloud Azure, you'll get access to a range of summary and detailed CloudCreator dashboards that give you daily billing trend information. You'll also pay the same as if billed directly by Azure.


About the CloudCreator Dashboards

Dashboards are supported by resource-level Azure metadata which is imported daily to CloudCreator. Find out more here: Azure Data Loading


Azure metadata is rated daily and supports a range of summary and detailed CloudCreator billing dashboards. The cost of the full current month is forecast, so you can make 'apples with apples' trend comparisons. Some dashboards are Azure-specific (e.g. Azure Billing Explorer), and some show hybrid-cloud 'single pane of glass' views, e.g. 'Billing Trend by Category'. 


CloudCreator has three resource-level categories that are automatic across all homeland and public clouds, including Azure. These automatic categories are detailed here:


CloudCreator also has four optional (manual) resource-level categories across all homeland and public clouds including Azure. These optional categories are detailed here:

CloudCreator's 'Single Pane of Glass' Features

In addition to the reporting dashboards, the CloudCreator Compute page allows you to view all your compute resources and power them on and off. The page has an Overview and a Detailed mode. 


A new 'Automated Schedule' feature will be released in early 2021. This will allow you to schedule the powering down of your compute resources. For example, you'll be able to power down all your test environment compute resources (across all clouds) each weekend.

How to Integrate with Azure

To access the CloudCreator billing dashboards and Compute features, you first need to enter your Azure credentials into CloudCreator. Follow the steps here: Integrate with Azure


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