About File Gateway


CCL File Gateway is a storage service which leverages Panzura technology, providing NFS and CIFS functionality while utilising cloud storage. It is designed to simplify and hybridise your organisation’s data-management by introducing intelligent data management and cross geography collaboration. The service provides simple and fast data protection using immutable snapshots. It optimises your cloud storage footprint and costs through the use of industry leading deduplication and compression capabilities.


All data is encrypted before it is tiered to the cloud using a client-generated certificate. This ensures your data is always secure regardless of the chosen object store.


To read more about CCL's File Gateway offering, download the whitepaper: Replacing Legacy Storage with Modern Data Management


File Gateway can be deployed as a virtual machine or cluster, anywhere from on-premises to CCL IaaS, AWS or Azure. It can be used with any object storage (CCL Vault v2, AWS S3 or Azure Blob) for applications and end-users. This allows your organisation to take advantage of the cost, durability, security and unlimited capacity available from cloud storage, presented using well-established protocols.


File Gateway provides:


  • Block-level deduplication and compression - substantially reduces the total data stored in the cloud, and the cost. Only unique blocks are retained in the system. This is performed at the Global File System (GFS) level, which means that separate appliances in an environment will deduplicate against each other, and further drive down cost.


  • Collaboration - allows mutiple appliances deployed in geographically discrete locations to write to the same file system. An example use case is when users in different cities want to read and write the same data without the need for expensive WAN links. If your organisation has applications in IaaS, AWS and Azure and needs access to the exact same data simultaneously, the collaboration feature facilitates this, and manages the file lock complexity behind the scenes.


  • Platform agnostic - CCL supports the deployment of appliances and consumption of cloud storage from any provider. If your organisation already consumes CCL IaaS, it may make sense to deploy the service there and pair it with Vault v2 for capacity. Alternatively, your organisation may prefer to deploy in AWS and consume AWS S3 capacity, or use a combination of providers. There are no restrictions on where your organisation can deploy the solution. CCL will bill for and support it in exactly the same way.


  • Security accreditation - certified as FIPS 140-2 compliant. File Gateway encrypts data using AES-256 encryption to provide secure data management. Data residing in cloud storage buckets is encrypted using the relevant supported methodology from the chosen vendor.


  • Snapshots and Retention - snapshot technology allows your organisation to move away from traditional backups for certain use cases, while maintaining a compliant dataset in accordance with your legal obligations. File Gateway supports 1,000s of snapshots per file system, with 7 or 12 year retention periods. This feature is particularly relevant for ransomware protection. Using snapshots, your organisation can simply roll back entire file systems to the last known and uncompromised snapshot.


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