Access the Admin Console

Note: Only users with the Global Admin role can access the Admin Console, unless they grant access to other users. See Roles and Permissions for more information.

Once you have subscribed to Silver-lining Protect, you can access the Admin Console. 


Note: If you are already using Silver-lining Protect services, you won't need to subscribe to the service again via CloudCreator. 


Follow these steps to access the Admin Console:


1. Navigate to the Compute Overview page. Either:


  • Select the Compute tile from the CloudCreator Landing page:


  • Or select the Virtual Clouds icon to navigate to the Summary screen for your virtual cloud, and select the Compute tab: 


2. The Compute Overview page appears (shown below). Here you can view:

  • All your compute services and the locations you are using them .
  • How many resources you have in location, and their status.
  • The number of individual resources consuming a Silver-lining service, with access to the tool's admin portal.
  • See The Compute Overview Page to find out more. 


3.  Locate the service type/data centre you require and click the Silver-lining Protect icon (as shown above).


Note: If you are an All of Government customer and have subscribed to Azure Stack by CloudCreator you will be able to select either the Admin Console for your Azure Stack VMs, or the Admin Console for all your other VMs.  


4. The Admin Console Dashboard will open in a new tab and if access has been granted, will automatically login.



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