Access the Fortinet Management Portal

Only users with the role of Fortinet Management Administrator, Author or User will be able to view the screens / perform the functions described below.
See Roles and Permissions for more information.



Access the Fortinet Management Portal

Follow these steps:


1. From the Summary page for your Virtual Cloud, click the Fortinet Management tile.


Note: The Fortinet Management tile is only visible once you have subscribed to the service, and logged in with a (non-GSA) relevant security role. See Subscribe to Fortinet Management for more information.



2. The Dashboard of the Fortinet Management portal appears.



Depending on your Fortinet Management role and subscription, you can:

  • View and manage firewall rules, service objects and address objects.
  • Create new Static routes and IPSEC VPN type 1 and 2 tunnels.
  • Create a revision backup on Fortinet Management of the current policy applied.
  • Revert back to the last revision backup from Fortinet Management only (use with caution).


3. When you are finished working in Fortinet Management, you must logout to ensure all tabs and changes are closed and the ADOM is unlocked. Click the Logout button at the top right of the screen. 


Caution: Not logging out from Fortinet Management will result in the ADOM locking and will prevent any further changes.   

View Alerts

The alerts you can view are specific to you as a user. To view, follow these steps:


1. Click on the envelope icon at the top of the Fortinet Management dashboard.



2. The Alerts screen appears. Use the drop-down boxes to adjust the time period and view.



Find out about how to Assign the Fortinet Management Roles

Features and Permissions

Find out more about the Fortinet Management features and permissions available to each user role.  

Fortinet User Help

Fortinet's User Help can be accessed via the Fortinet Management dashboard. See Fortinet User Help for more information. 

Change Your Password

Fortinet Management uses your CloudCreator credentials. To reset your password, follow the steps here: Manage Users and Assign Roles


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