Access the vCloud Director Portal

Once you have subscribed to vCloud PAYG, you can access the vCloud Director portal. 


Follow these steps:


1. Navigate to the Compute Overview page. Either:


  • Select the Compute tile from the CloudCreator Landing page:


  • Or click the Virtual Clouds icon to navigate to the Summary screen for your virtual cloud, then click the Compute tab: 


2. From the Compute Overview page (shown below) you can view:

  • All your compute services and their locations.
  • How many resources you have in each location, and their status.
  • The number of individual resources consuming Silver-lining services, and access to the tool's admin portal.
  • See The Compute Overview Page to find out more. 


3.  Locate the vCloud PAYG datacentre you require and click Manage (highlighted above).


4. The vCloud Director portal open. Here you can:

  • Add vApps from the Catalogue or build a new vApp. The right-hand navigation bar allows you to manage, add, and build vApps and catalogues.
  • View the status of your current built Virtual Datacentres (VDCs) and their resource utilisation.  
  • Select a VDC to perform an action.


Note: 100% PAYG VDC always contain the Edge Services Gateway.


Tip: If you have trouble accessing the vCloud Director portal, check that you are using the latest version of your browser.



The table below describes the key links in the vCloud Director portal





Edit or change preferences by selecting the drop-down menu for each item in the Defaults tab.

The Start page, runtime or storage lease alerts can be changed if required.


Access to:

  • Help: You can view VMware's own documentation for vCloud Director. Note: Some sections may not be relevant to CloudCreator. Refer to the CloudCreator help.
  • Feature Request: This option generates an error as the feature request through e-mail is disabled.
  • About: Provides information about vCloud Director, e.g. version number, build date, copyright information.


Enables secure logout from CloudCreator services.

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