Add a Vault Bucket (Vault v1)

Important: The information on this page is specific to Vault v1. If you are Vault v2 user, see: Add a Vault Bucket (Vault v2)

Follow the steps below to add a Vault bucket to a Vault v1 Storage Account.

Supported Browsers

The following browser are suppported for creation of a Vault bucket:

  • Revera Vault Explorer
  • Cloudberry Browser

Add a Vault Bucket (Vault v1)

Follow these steps to Add a Vault Bucket.


1. From your Revera Vault Explorer screen, click the Source drop-down menu and select a storage account.



2. Click the New Bucket icon.



3. Add a Bucket name and click OK.



4. The new bucket will display on your Revera Vault Explorer screen. 


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