Ancillary Service Mapping

For homeland resources, CloudCreator automatically maps several ancillary services to their parent services. This makes it easy to view a compute resource (e.g. a vCloud PAYG virtual machine) alongside the ancillary services that it uses (e.g. extra storage, backup details).


Several CloudCreator reports use this 'ancillary mapping'. For example, the Service Resource Bill Quantity Trend report, shown below.


Example: Sample Report Showing Ancillary Mapping



The CloudCreator resource categories of Cost Centre, Environment, Project and Resource group, also leverage ancillary mapping. This minimises data entry and maximises the benefit of entering categories.


For example, if a VM is assigned a Cost Centre(s), the backup services associated with the VM automatically inherit the VM’s Cost Centre(s). Several CloudCreator reports use this 'ancillary mapping' (eg. the Billing Trend by Cost Centre report).


The scope of CloudCreator's homeland ancillary mapping is summarised in this table:


Compute Services

Ancillary Services Mapped

Resource Categories Mapped

Azure Stack

Extra CCL Storage.

Cost Centres

Managed VMware

Silver-lining Protect - backups stored in New Zealand.


vCloud PAYG

Silver-lining DR - disaster recovery using the Zerto technology.

Project Codes

vCloud Standard

Silver-lining Shield - virus protection using the Trend technology.

Resource Groups



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