AWS Data Loading

AWS (offshore) detailed data is loaded into CloudCreator to provide 'single pane of glass' reporting across all the services that our clients use. 

The following notes apply to AWS data loading:



Data is loaded daily

The data is imported early each morning (NZ time).

Data is rated daily

AWS is billed in USD. The data is rated (priced) and converted to NZD as it is imported.


At the middle of the calendar month the current month rated values are an estimate - using the previous month’s exchange rate. For historic months, the exchange rate is the actual one used on the CCL invoice. This means that the report totals match the invoice value within 0.01% (the difference is caused by resource-level rounding errors).

UTC dates/times are loaded

The AWS billing cycle is from the first day of the calendar month to the last day of the calendar month, based on UTC times. CloudCreator loads these UTC dates/times and displays them without conversion to NZ Time.


This simplification allows easy comparison between CloudCreator reports and the corresponding AWS reports.

Service Type

The Service Type is loaded with a short code for the AWS 'Product' corresponding to the AWS services you consume. For example, CloudCreator Service Types include Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB.

Service Description

Product Code and Line Item Description are loaded into the CloudCreator 'Service Description' field.

Some CloudCreator dashboards show the Service Description in the 'Detail' tab. 

Resource Name

The AWS resource-level attribute 'Name Tag' is loaded into the CloudCreator 'Resource Name' field.

Some CloudCreator dashboards show the Resource Name in the 'Detail' tab. 

Tag Mapping

To provide consistent terminology across disparate services, some terminology 'mapping' is applied to 'Tags'. See Cost Centres, Project, Environment and Resource Group for more details. 


Note: In AWS tags don't always propagate down to child resources. This depends on how, say a VM is tagged. For example, tags added during the VM creation process will propagate down, but not tags added after the fact.  You can use the AWS 'Manage Tags' screen to ensure all resources are tagged appropriately.

Billing Type Mapping

AWS has a categorisation of resource types called Product. There are hundreds of categories, and typically a client will use around one hundred categories.


When the AWS data is imported, the AWS categories are mapped to the CloudCreator Billing Types, so that the AWS data is well integrated into existing CloudCreator reports.



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