Azure Data Loading

Offshore Azure CSP detailed data is loaded into CloudCreator to provide 'single pane of glass' reporting across all the services that our clients use. 

The following notes apply to Azure data loading:



Data is loaded daily

The data is imported early each morning (NZ time).

Data is rated daily

The data is rated (priced) as it is imported.


At the middle of the calendar month the rated values are an estimate of the final billed value. Early each calendar month, the rating is tuned to exactly match the finalised costs provided by Azure.

Service Type

The Service Type is loaded with the Azure 'Product codes' corresponding to the Azure services you consume.


For example, CloudCreator Service Types include Azure Virtual Machines, Azure SQL Database and Azure Load Balancer. 

Service Description

The Azure Meter-level attribute 'Name' is loaded into the CloudCreator 'Service Description' field.


Some CloudCreator dashboards show the Service Description in the 'Detail' tab. 

Resource Name

The Azure resource-level attribute 'Instance Name' is loaded into the CloudCreator field 'Resource Name'.


Some CloudCreator dashboards show the Resource Name in the 'detail' tab. 

Tag Mapping

To provide consistent terminology across disparate services, some terminology 'mapping' is applied to 'Tags'.


See Cost Centres, Project, Environment and Resource Group for more details.

Billing Type Mapping

Azure has a categorisation of resource types called the 'CSP Rate Card Category'. There are hundreds of categories, and typically a client will use around one hundred categories.


When the Azure data is imported, the Azure categories are mapped to the CloudCreator Billing Types, so that the Azure data is well integrated into existing CloudCreator reports. 



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