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Landing Page

The CloudCreator landing page is the first screen that appears after logging in. From here you can view the services you are subscribed to, recent events, cloud spend and more. The features are described below.


The CloudCreator landing page is dynamic. It will display the most pertinent information you need to see, based on the services you are using.



My Profile

View and update your user profile. Follow these steps:


1.  At the top right of any screen, click on Your Name > My Profile.



2. In the My Profile screen, you can:

  • Update your profile and contact details. 
  • Change your password. See How to Change your Password
  • Opt in to receive change notifications by email. If you opt out, you'll still see these in the CloudCreator Notifications panel. See Notifications below.
  • View your DFA level (if allocated). See Delegated Financial Authority
  • View your CloudCreator roles, and User Support roles, for the cloud services your organisation has subscribed to. See Roles and Permissions




Click the notifications bell to view new notifications about actions or changes made in CloudCreator.


Services Tiles

The Services Tiles show your subscribed services (e.g. Vault, Silver-lining Protect, etc). Here you can:

  • Click on a tile to launch the application. 
  • Click View All to access the 'Services Consumed' dashboard.



AWS and Azure Widgets

The Azure and AWS widgets provide a high level view of your public cloud resources.



Recent Events

The Recent Events panel lists your most recent events, including:

  • Service Desk Support Tickets, e.g. incidents and requests.
  • Accounts linked or unlinked to a cloud provider.
  • VM events, eg. removal, power on and off, rollback, failures, etc.
  • CCL Staff Support via CloudCreator. This is when temporary access is given to CCL to perform modifications within your CloudCreator environment. This notification includes the Support Ticket number that has been raised to justify the temporary access.  See CCL Staff Support via CloudCreator to find out more. 

Each event notification includes a timestamp and appears in the order it occurs. To refresh the data, click the refresh icon



Event History

To view your event history:


1. In the Recent Events panel, click the View All button.



2. The Event History screen appears. Here you can:

  • Use the drop-down filters to sort events by Date, Event Group, Event Type and User Name.
  • Drill through to a list of Event Group details, by right-clicking on a specific Event Group name (shown below).



Support Tickets

The Support Tickets panel shows a summary of your active tickets (incidents and requests). To view an expanded list of all tickets, click View All to launch the Support Centre page.



Reports Tiles

The Reports tiles give you access to detailed and summary usage and billing reports. These are based on the services you are using. Here you can:

  • Click a tile to access the report.
  • Click View All to access all the reports available.


Create Menu

Only users with the Global Admin or Cloud Admin roles will be able to view the screens / perform the functions described below.

The Create menu gives administrators quick access to frequently used functions, from any screen. Click the Create iconin the side menu.



From this screen you can perform the following functions:



To find out more see...

New User

Manage Users

New Request

Support Centre - Create a Request

New Incident

Support Centre - Create an Incident

Virtual Machine

Create and Manage a VM - Managed VMware


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