Billing Alerts

This is an optional feature only available to users with the role of Global Admin, Billing Admin or Billing User.


Billing Alerts allow you to set up 'thresholds' for automatic alerting. A threshold can be a budgeted dollar figure &/or a percentage increase in cost over the previous month. Thresholds can be set at total billing &/or Cost Centre level.

Billing Alerts is a 'hybrid cloud' feature that spans your usage across CCL Homeland, AWS and Azure clouds.

These billing alerts help you to detect spikes in billing early in the month, avoiding end of month bill shock. Each morning, CloudCreator analyses your usage and forecasts the current month's billing. If the estimated full month's billing exceeds any of the thresholds, an alert will be automatically sent out, via SMS and email. The 'Billing Alerts' dashboard provides more detail on the cause, with drilldown to individual hybrid-cloud resource details. 

Detailed billing forecasts are also visible in various CloudCreator dashboards.

In This Section

Set a Billing Threshold

Follow these steps to set a billing threshold:


1. From the top of your CloudCreator screen, click the Options Cog > Access Billing Alerts.



2. The first time the page is accessed you'll see a page similar to this:



3. Set the alerting thresholds. These can be set:

  • As a static dollar figure and/or a maximum percentage increase over last month's spend.
  • On your total spend and/or at a cost centre level.
  • With a '(blank)' cost centre. This will cover all usage that does not have a cost centre assigned.


4. Set the threshold for the Total Billing value of the current cloud. Click the Pencil icon and enter the values into the Alert Parameters window. Click Save.



5. Set a Cost Centre alert. Click the Add Cost Centre button and enter the values into the Alert Parameters screen. Click Save.



Example: This shows how a specific Cost Centre code has been selected and both a dollar value and percentage increase (over last month's actual costs) have been entered.


Receiving Alerts

Most days, at around 8 am, your forecast full month spending will be compared to the thresholds. If any of the thresholds are exceeded, an alert will be sent by email or text message (SMS) to your organisation's CloudCreator users.

Alerts are not offered for the first couple of days of each month and for the first ten days or thereabouts of January, as the processing of the previous month's usage has to be completed before the current month's usage can be reported via alerts.


The recipients of the alerts are users that have the role of Global Admin, Billing Admin or Billing User.

  • An email address specified in their profile (to receive alerts by email).
  • A mobile phone number specified in their profile (to receive alerts by SMS).


The emails and SMS texts will only be generated when a threshold has been exceeded.


For security reasons, the email and SMS only contain high-level summary data. To view detailed data, log into CloudCreator and view the 'Billing Alerts' dashboard.


Example of an Alert Email:

Subject: CloudCreator Billing Alert

3 Billing Alert limits have been exceeded. The largest one exceeded the limit by $875.67.


For more information, see the CloudCreator Billing Alerts dashboard.


Best wishes

The Team at CCL


Example of SMS Text:

CloudCreator Billing Alert: 3 limits exceeded. Largest is $875.67 over the limit.


Billing Alerts Dashboard

The Billing Alerts dashboard contains summary heatmaps which drill down to resource level lists. You can quickly view the details of the resources that have triggered the alert.



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