Billing Types

CloudCreator supports Billing Types across all services. These are high-level, automatic categorisations used by some CloudCreator reports to group and/or filter resources.


CCL services are billed using the billing types described below. Public clouds (eg. AWS) provide services that are categorised by CloudCreator into several of these billing types. 


Billing Type



Resources that do calculations. These include all flavours of Virtual Machines (VMs) and services like “Azure functions”. These are serverless compute tools where you purchase compute resource by the seconds used.


Resources that store changeable data. These include NZ-hosted storage services e.g. Cascade and Vault and services like “Amazon S3” storage.


Resources that store unchangeable data semi-permanently. Includes NZ-hosted backup services like Silver-lining Protect. Also includes public cloud backup services.


Network resources that provide ways for resources (e.g. compute, storage, etc) to talk to each other. Security resources control which resources are allowed to talk each other. Covers both NZ-hosted and public cloud services.

End User Computing

NZ-hosted resources that provide virtual laptops for users.

Professional Services

Professional services provided by CCL staff. 

One-off Services

A catch-all for any other costs not covered by the other billing types. Rarely used.

Recurring Services

A catch-all for any recurring costs not covered by the other billing types.



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