CCL Staff Support via CloudCreator


Request 'CCL Staff Support via CloudCreator'

CloudCreator provides you with many self-service capabilities. However, if you are unable to access CloudCreator to perform an urgently required action, you can ask the CCL Service Desk to perform the action for you. This is called 'CCL Staff Support via CloudCreator'. 



To request CCL Staff Support via CloudCreator:

Note: You can only request actions that are able to be performed by your current CloudCreator role.


To perform the action(s) for you, a CCL staff member will:


1. Temporarily assign their CloudCreator user login to your CloudCreator tenancy. The Work Order or Incident Number relating to your request will be recorded.

2. Login to your CloudCreator tenancy and perform the required action(s).

3. Logout from your CloudCreator tenancy.

4. Reassign their CloudCreator user login back to a CCL tenancy.


View Historic 'CCL Staff Support via CloudCreator' Logins

For transparency, the CCL Service Desk Analyst's login and any actions they perform in CloudCreator on your behalf are recorded in the CloudCreator Event History. The details are recorded exactly as they would be if you took the actions.


To view your tenancy's historic 'CCL Staff support via CloudCreator' logins, follow these steps:


1. Select the Reports icon  in the CloudCreator sidebar. 


2. The Run Dashboards screen appears. Scroll down and select the Event History dashboard. 



3. The Event History dashboard will open in a new tab (shown below). Follow these steps:

1. Set the Event Group filter to CloudCreator Admin.

2. Set the Event Type filter to Internal.

3. Look for a line with the description 'CCL Staff support via CloudCreator'. Note: If this feature has never been used, this line will be absent. 

4. Right-mouse-click on the line and select Drillthrough > Details to view the login details, and the associated Work Order or Incident Number. 




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