Compare Vault v1 and v2

CloudCreator supports both Vault v1 and Vault v2. Vault v1 will be deprecated at the end of 2021.

Vault v2 (released late 2020) is a natural extension to the original offering and both storage account types can operate concurrently. However, any new storage accounts are created using Vault v2.


Improved Features

Vault v2 delivers:

  • Increased geographical coverage with data centres in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.
  • Improved performance.
  • Greater compatibility with the full S3 suite of API-supported functions. The HyperStore technology used by Vault v2 is 'best in class' at matching and supporting all the AWS S3 extensions.


Key Differences

The key differences between Vault v1 and v2 are set out below. 


In Vault v1:
In Vault v2:
Access Each ‘Account’ has a single Access Key and Secret Key.
Each ‘Storage Account’ allows multiple Access Key and Secret Key combinations that the user can add/remove/enable/disable through CloudCreator.
Vault v2 Storage Accounts support all aspects of the AWS S3 API functions.
Allows the creation of ‘Accounts’.
Note: For consistency, Vault v1 ‘Accounts’ are now called ‘Storage Accounts' in CloudCreator.
Allows the creation of ‘Storage Accounts’.
Bucket Creation
Both versions of Vault allow buckets of objects to be created under storage accounts. The actual bucket creation is performed via S3 API calls or via a S3-compatible browser.
Supports finer-grained access rights to buckets and objects using IAM. This allows for a much more nuanced control of resource access and update controls.
Geographic Coverage Auckland, Wellington Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch.


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