Configure a Third Party Tool to Use Vault

- Any assistance required with using a third party tool should be addressed to the third party provider.
- CCL provides a list of compatible tools below but does not take responsibility for any performance issues encountered with these tools.

Once you have created an account, you can use a GUI interface to transfer data into your Vault account. Vault has an S3 compatible interface that can be used for performing various actions with your Vault account.


This section contains the following topics:

List of Compatible Tools 

A large range of S3 compatible tools are available which can be used to interface with Vault. 

The tools in the table below have been tested and confirmed as being compatible with Vault.


Tool Version
ArcServe v6.0

FXT-3850 (V4.6.1.2)

FXT-5400 (V4.6.2.4)

CloudBerry Browser

v10 SP11
v11 SP9

Ctera 5.0.147
Cyangate (Opentxt) v1.1.0
Duplicati v1.3.4 & v2.0
Fuse Fuse 1.74
IRODS 4.1.7 (S3 plugin 4.2)
NetApp AltaVault (AVA-v) version 4.3.2 and 4.4
Synology NAS with Diskstation Manager (Cloud Sync and Hyper Backup) DSM 6.1.4-15217-5
Veritas - NetBackup 7.7.1
Versity 1.1
Qstar v6.1 v2


The S3 tools shown below may be compatible but have not yet been tested.


The tools shown below may work using a transport layer. For more information please email



Configuring a Third Party Tool - Cloudberry

The steps below outline how to configure the Cloudberry browser (Build 4.3.0) as an example. However the same selections and inputs are generally used by most browser products.  


Before you begin:

1. Download the Cloudberry browser from

2. Install the Browser on your device.


Connect to Vault v1 / v2

Follow these steps:


1. Open the Cloudberry Browser.


2. Double-click S3 Compatible to select Cloud storage 


3. Use the table below to complete the fields of the Add New Storage Account screen.


Field What to enter
Display Name Description of the cloud storage  e.g Vault v1.
Service Point

One of the following URL's:

Access Key As provided in your welcome email from CCL.
Secret Key As provided in your welcome email from CCL.
Use SSL Ensure SSL is selected.
Use native multipart upload We recommend this is selected.


4. Click Test Connection to ensure a session can be established with Vault v1 or v2.


5. Click OK to save and close. 


6. You can now use the configured tool to access the Vault v1 or v2 service. New buckets and folders can be easily added and deleted within the Vault environment. 

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