Delete a VM - Managed VMware


Warning: Before deleting a VM, backups for that VM should be disabled at least 48 hours beforehand. Failure to do this may result in a portion of long term retention backup data being lost.


Follow the steps below to delete a Managed VMware virtual machine (VM).


1. Navigate to the Compute Overview page (shown below). This shows all your resources grouped by the service types you are subscribed to.


2. Find the Service Type/Location of the VM you want to delete and click the blue Resource Number. For example, the screenshot below shows the selection of all the Managed VMware VM's located at the WPD datacentre. 



3. The Compute Details page appears. Here you can:

  • Remove and add filters to further refine the results.
  • Use search to locate a specific VM.
  • Assign cost centres and resource categories.
  • Click on a row to the view the properties of a VM. 

To find out more about how to use the features of this page, see The Compute Detail Page 



4. Locate the VM you want to delete by using the search function and filters. 


5. Select the 3 dots at the right-hand side of the VM, then select Manage Virtual Machine > Delete Virtual Machine. There may be a few seconds' delay before the options appear. 


The options that appear will vary, depending on the service you are subscribed to. See Manage a Compute Resource to find out about the control options available.



Note: A notification will appear if the VM cannot be deleted due to a snapshot, or request for modification in place (eg. an outstanding DFA request, or Service Desk request). 


6. In the confirmation window, enter the name of the VM to be deleted, and click Delete to confirm. 



7. A notification will appear at the top of your screen. Click the bell icon  to view.


All VM events also show on the Recent Events panel on the CloudCreator landing page. These include VM power on and off, rollback, failures, etc. 








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