Deploy and Login to File Gateway


Proof of Concept Deployment

If you are interested in exploring File Gateway and how it can benefit your environment, please contact your CCL Sales Representative.

Deploy File Gateway

The deployment of File Gateway is completed with the assistance of CCL's Pre-Sales and Technical Teams. The process includes:

  • A discussion with your team to ensure your appliance is appropriately sized and configured for your specific workload.
  • A hands-on, assisted deployment of File Gateway into your environment.
  • Setting up your user credentials.
  • Ongoing technical support to answer any questions, issues or concerns that your business may have about the File Gateway product.

Log in to the Appliance

Once File Gateway is deployed and a filer has been set up, follow the steps below to login:


More information: See the Panzura Guide: How to Set up a Filer


1. In your browser, navigate to the filer's IP address.


2. A login screen for the appliance will appear. Enter the username and password that you were provided with.


Important: Once you have logged in, you need to change the default Administrator and User Passwords.



Basic Navigation

Once you've logged in, the Panzura Management Console will appear.



From here you can access these features:

  • CloudFS – A visual map of your CloudFS.
  • Dashboard – An overview of the Filer’s status and operational statistics.
  • Configuration – A place to change filer configuration settings.
  • Maintenance – A set of diagnostic and operational tools to manage your filer and diagnose issues.
  • Notification Center – A place to manage events and processes on the filer.


More information: See the Panzura Overview.

Roles and Permissions

Panzura Filers contain two users by default:

  • Admin – This user has complete access to the filer, and the ability to modify all settings.
  • Restricted User – This user have view access to the filer, and does not have the ability to modify any settings.


Currently there is no ability to add additional users or change user permissions, however this may change in future releases.

Change the Administrator and User Passwords

Changing the default Administrator and User passwords is an important step to secure your environment. It is recommended to:

  • Have strong password policies within your organisation.
  • Change your Admin and User passwords after logging into the filer.
  • Storing them in a very secure password manager.
  • Regularly rotate both user and appliance passwords.
  • As there are only two users on the filer, we also suggest using the Admin user only when necessary, and providing the Admin credentials only to staff that require administrative access to your filer. 


Follow these steps:


1. From the Panzura Management Console, select Maintenance > Master Filer Operations.



2. Select the appropriate option to change the password for either the Admin or Restricted User.


More information: See the Panzura Administration Guide


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