Deploy the Trend Deep Security Agent

Follow the steps in the sections below to deploy the Trend Deep Security Agent on your server.



- There are two ways to deploy - either with MSI file or PowerShell Script. Revera strongly recommends using PowerShell Script. 

- Windows Servers 2003 and 2008 must have a minimum of PowerShell Version 4, otherwise you will need to install manually using MSI.



Check Your Network Ports

To consume the Silver-lining Shield service, check that your agents can telnet to the following URLs on the following network ports.


URL Network Port

443 TCP

4118 TCP

4120 TCP

4122 TCP

80 TCP

443 TCP


For example, telnet 443


Generate a Deployment Script From the Tenant

Follow the steps below to generate a deployment script using the Deep Security wizard.


1. From the Trend Portal, select Administration > Tenants.


2. Select a Tenant Name (eg. gavintesttrend) and click Sign in As Tenant > OK.



3. The Tenant portal will appear. Go to Administration > Updates > Software > Local.



4. Select the Agent you wish to install (eg.


5. Click Generate Deployment Scripts.


6. The Deployment Scripts screen will appear.



Use the table below to complete the fields:


Field What to select
Platform The Agent to which you are deploying the software.
Security Policy The policy you want to use.
Computer Group Use the default group if you have only one group.
Relay Group Choose the Primary Tenant Relay Group. 


7. Click Save to Files


8. Copy the file and run on your server using PowerShell as Administrator Right. 



9. Once the installation is complete, you will see the Agent registered on the Deep Security Manager page. 



Export the MSI Installation File

Once you have generated a deployment script, follow the steps below to export the MSI Installation file.


1. From the Trend portal, select Administration > Tenants.


2. Choose Tenant Name (eg. gavintesttrend) and click Sign in As Tenant > OK.



3. The Tenant Portal will appear. Go to Administration > Updates > Software > Local.


4. Select the Agent you wish to install. Then select Export > Export Installer (MISI) or Export Package (zip file).



5. Click Save.


6. Copy the installation file to the server you want to install.


7. Execute the MSI.


8. Either:


(a)  Add the computer manually by entering the Agent's hostname. 



(b)  Or, run the following register command on PowerShell admin: 


PS C:Program FilesTrend MicroDeep Security Agent> .dsa_control.cmd -a dsm:// "tenantID:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" "token:xxxxxxxxxxx" "policyid:9" "groupid:1"



Find Your Tenant ID

Once you have exported the MSI Installation file, follow the steps below to find your Tenant ID. 


1. Go to Administration > Updates > Software > Local > Generate Deployment Scripts



2. The Deployment Scripts will appear. Scroll down the script window to locate your Tenant ID.


Get Help With Trend Micro

To find out more about using Deep Security and other Trend Micro features, visit the Trend Micro Deep Security Online Help Centre.



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