Discover the Key Features

The CloudCreator portal makes it easy to deploy and manage your cloud services. Use the portal to take advantage of flexible self-service provisioning and reporting, and benefit from using CCL's managed in-country cloud platforms. 


If you are migrating to Azure or AWS, CloudCreator makes it easy to manage your hybrid cloud, giving you a familiar “single pane of glass” view of your usage and billing. It also extends your existing homeland financial governance processes (e.g. cost centres) into the cloud.

Key Features:

Self-Service and Single Sign-On

Use the CloudCreator portal to subscribe onboard to CCL's Homeland services when you need them e.g.:

  • vCloud PAYG
  • Silver-lining Protect
  • Silver-lining Disaster Recovery
  • Silver-lining Shield
  • Fortinet Management
  • Vault V2 


Once you've subscribed, take advantage of:

  • Single sign-on access to the administrator portals for each Homeland Service. 
  • Access to the vCloud Director API for orchestration automation. 

'Single Pane of Glass' View

The Compute page gives you a 'Single Pane of Glass' view of your hybrid cloud resources, including:

  • Details of your Homeland, Azure and AWS resources.
  • 7 hybrid-cloud, resource-level categorisations for governance and reporting e.g. Cost Centre, Environment, Project, Service Type.
  • Hybrid-cloud operational features e.g. the Compute page and Automated Scheduling (launching Q1 2021).
  • Click-through to the Homeland service administrator portals.

Usage/Billing Reports

Access detailed and summary usage and billing reports for your cloud services, including:

  • Billing for Homeland, Azure and AWS services, professional services, etc.
  • Historic and estimated 'full current month' billing. This allows you to compare 'apples with apples' and quickly spot increases in service consumption.
  • Extensive reporting with Dashboard and List reports. 


Access to Ticketing

Get live access to the CCL ticketing system. Quickly log and view your incidents and work orders.

User Access Control

CloudCreator's self-service functionality lets you quickly add users and give them access to your subscribed services including:

  • Add/edit/remove CloudCreator users.
  • Assign CloudCreator role(s) to your users to control their access to features.
  • Use BYOAuth to allow staff to single sign-on to CloudCreator using your corporate credential system (launching Q2 2021).

User Support

Get started quickly, and learn as you go with CloudCreator's embedded Tool Tips and extensive Online Help.

Event Explorer Dashboard

The Event Explorer dashboard lets you view and audit all the changes made by your users in CloudCreator.




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