Download and Install AWS CLI


This guide gives examples of how to download and install AWS CLI using the Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System, but the steps can be performed on any Operating System supported by the Amazon Web Services (AWS) CLI Tool.


Before you begin, ensure you have:


This guide only covers very basic IAM Administration using the AWS CLI. Further reading is recommended for more information:

AWS CLI Command Reference | IAM - iam — AWS CLI 2.2.6 Command Reference (



Download the AWS CLI Installer

Follow these steps:


1. Navigate to the AWS Command Line Interface (


2. Click the download link for the AWS CLI Installer for Windows. 



3. Confirm that the installer has been successfully downloaded, by checking your Downloads Folder (or the folder you selected for the download).



Install the AWS CLI

Once you have downloaded the AWS CLI Installer, follow the steps below.


Note: You must have Local Administrator privileges to complete the installation.


1. To start the installation wizard, double click on the downloaded AWS CLI Installer and click Next.



2. Read the license agreement before ticking the 'I accept' checkbox. Then click Next.

3. In the Custom Setup window, you can modify the settings to install the software in a custom location. Otherwise, use the default settings.



4. Once you are satisfied with the configuration, click Next.


5. In the Ready to install window, click Install to install the application on your device.



6. Accept any User Account Control (UAC) prompts that pop up.


7. When the installation is complete, click Finish. The AWS CLI Tool will be added to your $PATH variable.


Set up the AWS CLI Tool

Once you've installed the AWS CLI, you need to configure it. Follow the steps below.


1. In the Windows PowerShell start menu, select Windows PowerShell to open a PowerShell window.



2. Type in the command: 'aws'. You should see some output that a programme is at least running.



3. Type in the command: 'aws configure' to configure the AWS CLI to use your Vault v2 S3 credentials.



4. Complete the form as follows:


Field What to Enter
AWS Access Key ID Your Vault v2 Access Key.
AWS Secret Access Key Your Vault v2 Secret Key.
Default Region Name Must be 'nzl'.
Default Output Format Set to whatever you want, or leave as 'None'.


5. Re-run the command: 'aws configure', and press enter at every field to confirm your settings are correct.


6. You can now Create an IAM User and Create an Access Key.






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