Edge Services Gateway

Note:  The Edge Services Gateway will be provisioned by CCL, with users responsible for any configuration. The "Distributed Firewall" is NOT available.


About Edge Services Gateway

An Edge Services Gateway (ESG) provides a routed organisation virtual datacentre network with connectivity to external networks. It provides services such as load balancing, network address translation, and a firewall.


For more information, see the VMware Help page: Edge Gateway Firewall 

Within a vCloud tenancy, the ESG will always live within the 100% VDC.



To view, select Networking > Edges > Configure Services.



Services Available via Edge Services Gateway

An Edge Gateway can provide the following services:


Service Description
Firewall Service

Specifies firewall rules that, when matched, block or allow incoming or outgoing network traffic.

See the VMware help page: Firewall Configuration 
Gateway Dhcp Service

Provides DHCP services to VM's on the network. A variant of this service, DhcpService, is intended to provide DHCP services in vApp networks.

Gateway Ipsec Vpn Service

Defines one or more virtual private networks that connect an Edge Gateway to another network in or outside of the cloud.

Load Balancer Service

Distributes incoming requests across a set of servers.

See the VMware Help page: About Load Balancing  
Nat Service

Provides network address translation services to computers on the network.

Static Routing Service

Specifies static routes to other networks.

See the VMware Help page: Add a Static Route 


IPSEC Guidelines

FIPs are not enabled by default on the ESG. Weak protocols are not recommended. 



  • After you convert an Edge Gateway to an Advanced Gateway, you must use the vCloud Director Tenant Portal to configure NSX services on the gateway.
  • When you right-click the Edge Gateway name and select Edge Gateway Services, vCloud Director opens the Configure NSX Edge Gateway Services page in the Tenant Portal.
  • For information about NSX Edge Gateway Service configuration see the vCloud Director Tenant Portal Guide.



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