Important: The information on this page is specific to Vault v1. Click here to view the Vault v2 help.

Facts and Figures

Constraints of Service

  • Objects cannot be moved directly between buckets within Vault.
  • There is a limit of 100 buckets per Vault storage account. 
  • Revera Vault is an extremely durable storage solution. As such it does not include a backup and restore facility. If data is deleted from Vault, it cannot be restored.
  • Some S3 administration functions are not available for general use.  

Maximum Values in Vault

  • The maximum number of buckets that can be created is 5,000,000 per system and 100 buckets per user.
  • There is no maximum individual bucket size as such (e.g. a bucket cannot exceed a x TBs or y Objects). There are no logical limits in terms of capacity or the number of objects as Vault does not have rate limiting.
  • There is no recommendation on maximum bucket size (either capacity or object count).
  • Recommended minimum object size is at least 8MB (especially for backup applications).
  • The maximum individual object size is 4TB without multi-part and 16TB when multipart is used.
  • Maximum Object name length is 255KiB (limited by the HTTP request size) and the maximum size of custom object metadata is 1MB - Recommended Max Object name length is 500bytes).

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