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Topic Questions and Answers

Trend Features 

Q: How can I find out more about how to use the features of Trend?

A: See Additional Help on the Deep Security Platform.







Q: What Trend modules are included as part of the Silver-lining Shield service?

A: See Modules Available.

Q: Can I enable Trend modules other than those available by default?

A: Other Trend modules are not currently available for subscription. See Modules Available.

Q: Can I remove a Trend module we no longer use?


A: You only pay for the agents you have deployed. If you don't require a module, don't enable the rules for that module. 

Installing Agents




Q: When installing agents using MSI, it does not appear automatically. How do I add agents manually?

A: This is an expected scenario when using the MSI Installer package on Windows. The recommended agent deployment method is to use deployment scripts for installing agents. These contain the default policy and tenant details required for this registration step.


Follow these steps:


1. From the Trend Portal go to Administration > Software > Local and click Generate Deployment Scripts.


2. Select the Operating System, Security Policy and Computer Group to create a script to automatically install and register agents to the correct policy and tenant.


3. Although not the recommended approach, the agent can be manually added to the tenant through the Portal after installation. Go to Computers and select Add Computer.  

Q: My agent has installed but isn't updating. It appears red in the Portal dashboard. 

A: Check the policy being used by the computer and ensure that the communication in the settings is set to:


Agent/Appliance Initiated Policies, <Choose policy>, Details, Settings, General, Communication Direction.

Operating Systems


Q: Which operating systems are supported?

A: See Operating Systems Supported 

Network Ports


Q: What network ports do I need open from my agents to consume the service?

A: See Check Your Network Ports



Q: How can I change where I receive event notifications and alerts?

A: You can receive event notifications and alerts at a nominated email address. Log a request with the Service Desk. Your request will need to be approved by your Global Security Administrator. 



Q: Why is the number of agents billed greater than the number of active agents that Trend is installed on?

A: See How Billing is Calculated



Q: How can I enable more users to administer the Silver-lining Shield service for my organisation?

A: Ask your Global Admin to add new users with the role of Silver-lining Shield Administrator or User. This can be done in the Manage Users menu of CloudCreator. See: Manage Users and Assign Roles to find out more. 



Q: Why can't I make changes to my organisation's policy?

A: Request your Global Admin to change your role from Silver-lining Shield User to Administrator. 


Q: How can we get more training on the service?

A: See Recommended Training


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