Heatmap Dashboards

Heatmap dashboards are designed to help you quickly absorb a lot of information and focus on changes.


Example: The Billing Heatmap by Billing Type dashboard:



The heatmap dashboard shows the data in two different ways:


Tile Area 

The area of each tile corresponds to the amount spent on the billing type. The tile representing the:

  • Largest spend is always shown at the top left.
  • Smallest spend is shown at bottom right.

In the example above, you can see the greatest spend is on 'one-off' services.


Tile Colour

The colour of each tile corresponds to the amount spent this month vs last month. For example:

  • Green indicates that the monthly spend is less than last month.
  • Red indicates that the monthly spend is greater than last month.  
  • The intensity of each colour indicates the amount of change. A lighter shade indicates a small % change, and a more intense shade indicates a larger percentage of change.  


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