Integrate with AWS

CloudCreator provides reporting and governance across multiple technologies. This includes the Azure and AWS services you purchase through CCL. Find out more here: About AWS Integration.


To integrate your AWS provider subscription with CloudCreator, you'll need to complete the following stages, described below:


The application registration provides the Application ID and Secret Access Key that will be used for inbound API calls to AWS.


CloudCreator adopts the permissions assigned by the user who has set up the application registration. The application registration is hard linked to the user delegating the rights. For example, if the user is removed, or their access is changed or lost, so is their link to the application registration that CloudCreator relies on. 



1. Login to the AWS public portal.

2. Select IAM (Identity and Access Management) from the menu.
3. On the Identity and Access Management page, select Groups, from the left hand menu, then select Create New Group.
4. In the Create New Group Wizard, add a friendly group name in the Group Name field, then click Next Step.
5. In the Attach Policy window, type 'administrator' into the Policy Type window, and check the Administrator Access box. Click Next Step.
Note: Administrator Access is required in order to link the account in CloudCreator.

6. In the Review screen, click Create Group to confirm.


7. In the Welcome screen, select Users from the left hand menu.
8. In the User List, select a specific user from the list. 
9. In the Summary screen, select click the Create access key button. 
10. In the Create access key screen, you'll see the Access key ID and Secret access keyMake a note of these so that you can enter them into CloudCreator in Stage Two below.  


11. In the Summary screen, click Groups tab > Add user to groups.

12. In the Add User to Groups screen, select the Group Name you created (in Step 4 above) and click Add User to Group.


Once you have established the application registration in AWS, follow the steps below to record it in CloudCreator. 

1. Login to CloudCreator.

2. Click the Virtual Clouds icon   in the sidebar.

3. If your company is using multiple virtual clouds, click the cloud name at the top of your screen. Select either a Parent or Child cloud from the dropdown menu.
4. From the Summary screen, click the Providers tab.
5. In the Providers screen, click Link Provider.
6. In the Link Provider Account screen, select AWS from the drop down menu.
7. Complete the fields which appear including the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key. If you don't have these, see Stage One: Complete the Application Registration in AWS.
8. Click Link to confirm. 
9. A notification will appear at the top of your screen to confirm that your subscription has been created. The event will also appear in the Recent Events panel.
10. The AWS resource tile will appear on your dashboard. Now that you've completed the Application registration you need to Link, Unlink and Modify Accounts to AWS in CloudCreator.



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