Manage Providers



CCL customers can manage their cloud providers and workloads, including offshore providers, from a single web portal interface within CloudCreator.

  • Link your existing offshore provider subscription(s) to your CloudCreator account.
  • View and control virtual machines (VMs) across offshore provider public clouds - currently Microsoft Azure and AWS public clouds.
  • View metrics dashboards, reporting and information for provider workloads within CloudCreator.


In this help content, the term "account" also means "tenancy".

The Azure and AWS Integration Process

To manage providers, you first need to integrate your public cloud subscription with CloudCreator.


The integration process involves the following stages:


  1. Completing the application registration in AWS or Azure, and
  2. Recording the application registration in CloudCreator.


To get started, follow the steps in these sections:


Provider See section
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Integrate with AWS
Microsoft Azure Integrate with Azure


CloudCreator adopts the permissions assigned by the user who has set up the application registration. The application registration is hard linked to the user delegating the rights. If the user is removed, or changes or loses their access, so does the application registration that CloudCreator relies on.  


When you are subscribed, the public cloud provider will appear as a Resources Tile on your dashboard (shown below). From this screen you can click on a tile to view the VM's associated with the provider. 



Linking, Unlinking and Modifying Accounts

Users with the role of Global Admin can:

  • link their accounts to AWS or Azure
  • unlink accounts, and 
  • modify accounts by changing the cloud provider region.


For more details, see Link, Unlink and Modify Accounts.

View and Manage Virtual Machines

Depending on your role, you can view and manage the VM's associated with an offshore provider. See the Compute Overview Page and Manage a Compute Resource


Note: The associated account must be linked to a cloud provider. If the account is not linked, the details will not appear. 





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