Manage Subscriptions

Caution: Due to the financial implications of making changes on this screen only users with the role of Global Admin can modify subscriptions. See Roles and Permissions for more information.

Follow these steps to manage subscriptions:


1. Log in to the CloudCreator portal using your organisation’s Global Admin account.

2. Click the Virtual Clouds icon   in the sidebar.


3. If your company is using multiple virtual clouds, select All clouds at the top of your screen. Then select either the parent or a child cloud from the dropdown menu.



4. At the top of the Summary screen for your virtual cloud, select the Options Cog > Manage Subscriptions. 



5. On the Manage Subscriptions screen, click the sliders to enable or disable the subscriptions as required. Grey indicates an enabled service, red indicates an inactive service.



  • Some services cannot be enabled or disabled online. Hover over the Tooltips icon to view more details. You may need to contact your Sales Representative or the Service Desk .
  • You cannot disable a subscription which contains objects - it must be empty. You must delete all objects first, then unsubscribe.




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