Move a VM to a Different Pool

Follow the steps below to move a VM to a different pool.



  • It is recommended that only individual VM's are moved to a different pool. Although you can also move vApps, this option is not recommended as the vApp can contain many VM's and the action will clone and cut over the VM's.
  • When a VM is moved, the action is immediate as the system does not need to clone the VM. This method requires an existing vApp at the destination. 


1. From the Virtual Machines tab, locate the VM to be migrated.



2. Shut down the VM by selecting Actions > Shut Down Guest OS  



3. When the VM has shut down, select Actions > Move to...



4. Select the Destination vApp > Next.



5. In the Configure Resources screen, update the Storage Policy and set the required network detail. If the network does not appear in the list, ensure that the destination has the network attached.



6. Check the details and click Done to confirm. 



7. It may take some time to move the VM, depending on the disk size. You can check the status in the Recent Tasks bar at the bottom of your screen.



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