Request DFA Approval

DFA approval is required when you when you create or modify a Managed VMware virtual machine (VM) in CloudCreator, and the cost of the change exceeds your DFA limit.


Follow these steps to request DFA approval:


1. Once you have created or modified a Managed VMware VM in CloudCreator, one of the following buttons will appear at the bottom of the Create Virtual Machine screen:


If the... then...
Create button appears you have a sufficient level of DFA authority to authorise the cost and can proceed with the change without seeking approval. Click the Create button.
Seek Approval button appears the cost of the change exceeds your DFA limit. Follow the steps below.


2. Click the Seek Approval button. The Request Approval screen appears.



3. Use the table below as a guide to complete the fields. Each field is optional. Then click Submit to confirm. 

Field  Description
Approval Request Reference Number

A number that is understood within your organisation. It can be a project number, job code, cost centre or other reference that may be needed to aid the approval request.

Approval Request Notes Notes to aid the approval process, eg. supporting information.
Notify me on Approval/Decline Select if you wish to be notified via email when the DFA.R is approved or declined.
Approvers to be emailed

If required, select the people who should receive an email notification of the approval request. This allows you to initiative a notification without all possible approvers being spammed of each DFA.R.


4. The DFA.R will be reviewed by the nominated approver, and be approved or declined. See The Progress of a DFA.R.


5. Once your DFA.R is approved or declined, you will receive an email notification (if you have selected this option). You can also view the status of the DFA.R in the DFA Requests screen. See View all DFA Requests.


6. Once your DFA.R is approved, you (or anyone else with the required roles in CloudCreator) can apply the DFA.R. See Apply a DFA Request.






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