Subscribe to Azure Stack

To onboard and subscribe to Azure Stack, you must have an Azure Active Directory (AAD) subscription with Global Admin rights. If you don't already have this, read below to find out how to set it up.


Before You Begin

Before you can subscribe to Azure Stack, you need to have the following pre-requisites:


Item Description
Master Services Agreement

If you are not currently using other services, you'll need to sign a Master Services Agreement. Contact your Sales Representative.

CloudCreator Login

If you don't already have a CloudCreator portal login, please contact your Sales Representative or Client Engagement Manager.


You must have a Global or Cloud admin role in CloudCreator to subscribe and register. See Roles and Permissions for more information.

Azure Active Directory (AAD) subscription

In order to subscribe to Azure Stack you'll need an Azure Active Directory (AAD) subscription.

If you have paid subscriptions to Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Enterprise Mobility Suite, or other Microsoft services, you already have a free subscription to AAD.


If you don't have a Microsoft service that comes with a free AAD subscription, you can:


Note: The credit card you use to create your Public Azure tenancy will not be billed for the resources consumed on Azure Stack. These costs will be invoiced directly.

Global Administrator rights to the AAD

In order to authenticate with AAD, Azure Stackneeds access to the user's directory. At a minimum, it requires a user with global administrator rights to the AAD.


Activate Your Azure Stack Subscription in CloudCreator

Once you have all the pre-requisites in place, follow these steps:


1. On receipt of a SMS message that provides your CloudCreator Password and PIN, login to CloudCreator.  See About CloudCreator - How to Login if you need help.


2. Click the Virtual Clouds icon   in the sidebar.


3. If your company is using multiple virtual clouds, click the cloud name at the top of your screen. From the dropdown menu, select the virtual cloud that will be using Azure Stack resources.


4. At the top of your cloud Summary screen, select the Options Cog > Manage Subscriptions.




4. In the Manage Subscriptions window, click the Status Slider to subscribe to Azure Stack.


In this window you can also:

  • View a list of your subscriptions and their current status (disabled or enabled), and
  • Hover over the tooltips icons to find out how to enable each subscription.



5. The Subscribe to Azure Stack window appears. Here you need to:

  • Read and confirm that you accept the Terms and Conditions by checking the box
  • If needed, complete and email the Microsoft License Mobility form.
  • Click the green Subscribe button.


6. The following pop-up window will appear. Click the green Subscribe button to confirm.



7. The Manage Subscriptions screen appears. The status of Azure Stack will be enabled but not yet established. You can hover over the Tooltips icon   to view when the subscription was enabled and by whom.


To complete the establishment of Azure Stack by CloudCreator, go to Register a Tenancy in Azure Stack.



Register a Tenancy in Azure Stack

To complete the establishment of Azure Stack, you must register your public Azure tenancy details. This allows CloudCreator to use Azure Stack resources.


Follow these steps:


1. From the Summary screen for your virtual cloud, click the Options Cog > Manage Azure Stack Tenancies.



2. The Manage Azure Stack Tenancies window appears. Click the green Create new tenancy button.



3. The Register a Tenancy window appears. Complete the fields and click Register to confirm. Hover over the Tooltips icon    for help.



4. Your Azure Stack subscription will now be established. A notification will appear in the Recent Events panel in the CloudCreator dashboard.



  • Only the AAD user you have registered with will have access to the subscription.
  • You can register additional Azure Stack tenancies on behalf of your organisation in CloudCreator. There is no limit to the number of Azure Stack tenancies you can register. However, each tenancy can only be registered to one virtual cloud (parent or child) in CloudCreator. See Register Multiple Azure Stack Tenancies
  • On creation of an Azure Stack subscription, two App Registrations will be automatically created for your selected Azure Active Directory. This will enable you to provision Virtual Machine level back-up of Stack VM's via CloudCreator. VM level backup via Silver-lining Protect will be available soon in a future CloudCreator release.


5. If you are not already logged in, please log in to CloudCreator once more and click on the Azure Stack by CloudCreator tile in the Summary screen of your virtual cloud.



6. The Azure Stack tenant portal will open. You can immediately start consuming resources via the tenant portal, and find out more about managing your workload via Visual Studio, PowerShell and CLI, through the Azure Resource Manager.


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