Subscribe to Fortinet Management


Subscribe to Fortinet Management



- Only users with the Global Security Admin (GSA) role can subscribe themselves and/or other users to security related services.

- If you are a GSA and also require access to view/manage a security service, you will need to provide a separate non-GSA user CloudCreator account with a role to login to the service.

- Global Admins cannot enable subscriptions of security related services, only GSA users can do this. See Assign the Fortinet Management Roles and 
Roles and Permissions for more information.

- If your organisation doesn't have a known GSA user account, and requires online security related services, please contact the Service Desk or your CCL representative for more information.  

To enable your subscription to Fortinet Management, follow these steps:


1. Login to CloudCreator. See About CloudCreator - How to Login if you need help.

2. Click the Virtual Clouds icon   in the sidebar.


3. If your company is using multiple virtual clouds, click the cloud name at the top of your screen. From the dropdown menu, select the virtual cloud that will be using Fortinet.


4. At the top of the Summary screen, select the Options Cog > Manage Subscriptions.



5. In the Manage Subscriptions window, click the red Status Slider to subscribe to Fortinet Management.


On this screen you can also:

  • View a list of your subscriptions and their current status (disabled or enabled), and
  • Hover over the tooltips symbols to find out more about specific subscriptions.



6. In the Subscribe to Fortinet Management window, confirm that you accept the Terms and Conditions and click Subscribe.



  • Subscribing to this service will automatically initiate a service request to link your firewall(s) to the self-service portal.
  • It may take up to 3 business days for Fortinet Management access to be enabled.
  • You will receive an email confirming that your subscription has been enabled.


7. You can view your service request notification in the Recent Events panel, in the CloudCreator dashboard.



7. Once your subscription is enabled, you need to assign the Fortinet Management roles as described in the section below.  


Assign the Fortinet Management Roles

As a Global Security Admin, you need to assign the appropriate Fortinet Management roles. These are either:

  • Fortinet Management Administrator
  • Fortinet Management Author, or
  • Fortinet Management Users.

These users will then be able to login to CloudCreator and view the Fortinet Management tile. This provides access to the Fortinet Management portal where they can start utilising the platform. See Features and Permissions for more information on these roles.


To assign roles, follow the steps here: Manage Users and Assign Roles


Note: As a Global Security Admin you are unable to assign the Fortinet Management roles to yourself. If you need to access to the portal, please create a normal CloudCreator account and assign a Fortinet Management role to yourself. 

Access the Fortinet Management Portal

Once your subscription is enabled, and you have assigned the Fortinet Management user roles, your non-GSA user with a security role can Access the Fortinet Management portal


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