Subscribe to vCloud PAYG


Subscribe to vCloud PAYG

Follow the steps below to subscribe to vCloud PAYG.


Step Action

Email the Service Desk to request a subscription.

If you are not already using other services, talk to your Client Engagement Manager.


CCL will provide the following pre-requisites to enable the networking and security for your virtual datacentres:


  • An Edge Service Gateway. This enables self-service management access to an east-west virtual firewall, load balancing and VXLAN networks. It provides your vDC with:
    • connectivity
    • isolation and security
    • performance including load balancing
    • network services
    • resiliency and high availability.


  • A boundary firewall to secure external access to your vDC (north-south traffic). Currently this must be a VDOM firewall.


  • A CloudCreator login with a Global Admin role.

Once you have received confirmation that the above pre-requisites are in place, and your subscription has been enabled, you can login to CloudCreator and Assign the PAYG User Roles and Access the vCloud Director Portal


Assign vCloud PAYG User Roles

Once you have subscribed to vCloud PAYG, you can assign the specific user roles in CloudCreator in the Manage Users screen. Follow the steps here: Manage Users and Assign Roles


The table below sets out the three role levels, and their access rights.


vCloud PAYG Role Access Rights
  • Monitor vCloud PAYG resources
  • View public catalogues
  • Create customer catalogues
  • Manage or deploy vApps
  • View customer catalogues
  • Manage or deploy vApps
Server Console Access
  • View VM properties









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