The screens you can view in CloudCreator will vary, depending on your assigned role. See Roles and Permissions for more information.

Use the Compute Detail page to:

  • View and filter your individual compute resources. 
  • Assign resource categories, such as cost centre, environment, project, and resource group.
  • Perform actions on your resources.



There are two ways to navigate to the Compute Detail page:


1. From the Compute Overview page, select either:

  • The View Details button at the bottom of the page, or
  • The blue Resource Number next to the resources you want to view. 



2. The Compute Detail page will appear (shown below). The features and functions of this page are described in the following sections.


Note: Your page may look different, depending on the services you have subscribed to, and the number of resources.



Search for a Resource

To search for a specific resource you can:

  • Use the search function  at the top of the page, or
  • Hover over the Name header and click on the Funnel icon    that appears. Type part of the server name into the field. 



Filter Your Resources

Multiple filters can be applied to refine your resource list. Follow these steps:


1. Hover over a column heading and click the Filter icon 


2. Select the attributes you want to view and click Apply. Some selections will affect the attributes you are offered in other columns. For example, the Service Type you select will affect the attributes you are offered in the Location column. 



3. Your selections will appear as ‘filter chips’ at the top of the screen. To remove these, click the X.



4. If your resources are consuming Silver-lining Services, you can also apply filters to these attributes. Hover over the Indicators heading and click the Funnel icon   


5. Select the options you want to view and click Apply



Indicator Icons for Services and Scheduled Actions

Icons appear in the Indicators column when a resource consumes a Silver-lining service, or is scheduled to power on/off. 



The Indicator icons are listed below.

Icon Indicates that the resource is:
Scheduled to power on/off at a specific date or time. See Scheduled Actions.
Consuming Silver-lining Protect - a backup tool
Consuming Silver-lining Disaster Recovery - an automated geo-redundancy tool.
Consuming Silver-lining Shield - an anti-virus tool. 


Tip: You can filter your resources by the Silver-lining services they consume. See Filter Your Resources above.

View Individual Resource Information

To quickly view information about a specific resource, click on the resource to open the information panel. Click again to close the panel.


The resource information that displays will vary depending on the type of resource. See Individual Resource Information to learn more. 



Access the Compute Controls

To access the various controls available for managing a compute resource, click the 3 dots next to the resource. The Compute Controls panel will open.


The controls you have access to, will vary depending on the service type and your CloudCreator role. See Manage a Compute Resource for more information. 




Example: The example below shows the Power Controls available for a Managed VMware VM, which is currently powered on.



Manage Cost Centres and Resource Categorisations

Resource level categorisations can be assigned or removed from your individual resources. Use these to improve reporting across your services and get useful insights into how your resources are being used, and how your spend is allocated.


The categorisations that can be applied include:

  • Cost Centres
  • Environment
  • Project
  • Resource Group


To find out more, see Resource Categorisations and Reports



Follow these steps to manage resource categorisations:


1. From the Compute Details page, click the Plus icon next to the resource. In the Assign Categories window, select the required categories and click Save



  • Multiple cost centres must total 100%. For example, the combined percentage must add up to 100%, eg. 60 + 40, or 50 + 50.
  • For Azure and AWS resources, the values are maintained in Azure and AWS. They are loaded and visible in CloudCreator, but are not editable.



3. Once assigned, the resource categorisation will appear as a link in either the Cost Centre or Environment column.


4. To edit or remove the resource categorisation, click on it to view the Assign Categories window. 


Note: If you have assigned a Project or Resource Group categorisation, they are not be visible on this screen but can be used in reporting. An enhanced version of this screen, showing all resource categorisations, will be part of a future CloudCreator release. 



5. In the Assign Categories window:

  • Select the required categorisations from the drop-down menus, or
  • Use the click the Bin icon   to remove Cost Centres that are no longer needed. 




  • Multiple cost centres must total 100%. For example, the combined percentage must add up to 100%, eg. 60 + 40, or 50 + 50.
  • For Azure and AWS resources, the values are maintained in Azure and AWS. They are loaded and visible in CloudCreator, but are not editable.


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