Find out more about the Compute Overview page by watching this 3 minute video.


The Compute Overview page gives you the ability to:

  • View all your compute services and the locations you are using them .
  • View how many resources you have in location, and their status.
  • View the Silver-lining Services you are using, and their status.
  • Access the admin portals of service providers you are subscribed to, e.g. vCloud and Azure Stack.



To navigate to the Compute Overview page, you can either:


  • Select the Compute tile from the CloudCreator Landing page:



  • Or navigate to the Summary screen for your virtual cloud, and select the Compute tab: 


An example of the Compute Overview page is shown below. Your page may look different, depending on the services you are subscribed to, and the number of resources. 


The features of this page are described in the sections below.  



View Your Compute Resources

The Compute Overview Page displays all the Compute services you are subscribed to, their location, status and the total number of resources in each location.  


Example: The screenshot below shows 103 x Managed VMware resources located at the WPD datacentre. The Status indicators show that 35 of the resources are 'running'.



The total number of resources is displayed at the bottom of the page.



Access the Compute Detail Page

You can drill down further to view the details, management controls and categorisations of individual resources on the Compute Detail Page.


There are several ways to access the Compute Detail Page, depending on whether you want to view the details of all your resources, or a specific grouping.  



To view the details of:

  • All resources, click the View Details button at the bottom of the page.
  • Only the resources associated with a specific service/datacentre, click the blue Resource Number next to the relevant row.
  • Only the resources with a specific status, e.g. 'Stopped', click the appropriate Status indicator.   


Once the Compute Details Page appears (shown below), you can apply or remove filters to refine the list of resources. To learn more about the features of this page, see The Compute Detail Page.



Show In-Use Locations

The Show In-Use Locations slider is located at the top right of the Compute Overview page. This feature only appears when it is applicable to your resources. 



By default, the locations slider is set to 'on'   meaning that it displays only the locations that contain resources. 


To view all locations, move the slider to the 'off' position. This is useful if you need to access management portals when:

  • A new vCloud Standard or vCloud PAYG location has been enabled, and the portal for this location is now accessible.
  • A new Azure Stack tenancy has been enabled, and the portal for this tenancy is now accessible.

View Silver-lining Services

The Silver-lining family of services supplement your compute resources. They include:


Use the Manage Silver-lining indicators to:

  • View the number of individual resources consuming a Silver-lining service, and
  • Access to the tool's admin portal. Click the relevant icon and the portal will open in a new tab. See Service Provider Portals.


Example: The screenshot below shows that 8 of the 42 Managed VMware resources, at the ART datacentre, are consuming the Silver-lining Protect backup tool.   



Access Service Provider Portals

If a service you are subscribed to has its own dedicated administration portal, you can access that portal in a new tab. Click on a:

  • Manage link to access the resource management portals, eg. vCloud Director, Azure Stack, or
  • Silver-lining icon to access the relevant portal eg. Silver-lining Protect or Silver-lining Disaster Recovery. See Service Provider Portals for an overview.  


Example: In the screenshot below, selecting the 'Manage' link will open the vCloud Director portal. And selecting the 'Disaster Recovery' icon will open the Silver-lining DR portal.





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