Some cloud service providers have self-service admin portals which you can access directly from the Compute Overview Page in CloudCreator. Access to these depends on your assigned role. See Roles and Permissions for more information.


A brief overview of each service provider portal is set out below. To find out how to access the portals you are subscribed to, see Access Service Provider Portals


Service Provider Portal


Silver-lining DR for PAYG

Disaster recovery replication of PAYG VMs across your data centres.  The service includes:

  • A DR environment for CCL's vCD to vCD.
  • Protection for vApps, which can contain single or multiple VMs.
  • Recovery of whole vApps, with a target recovery point objective (RPO) of 15 minutes.

Silver-lining Protect

Modular backup and restore services including:

  • Enable image level backups on servers
  • Disable image level backups on servers
  • File data restores of agent level backups of servers
  • SQL or Oracle database restores
  • Ad-hoc backups of servers
  • Dashboard overview
  • Reports of backup and restore jobs that have run against your servers

Silver-lining Shield

A cloud-based security platform for protection of applications and servers, in a hybrid cloud environment, against malware and network based attacks. Silver-lining Shield is a flexible security platform based on Trend Micro’s Deep Security platform. It includes:

  • Virtual Patching
  • Malware Protection
  • Multi-Platform Coverage

vCloud PAYG

A self-service portal for VMware vCloud Director. It provides:

  • The ability to deploy and manage pay-as-you-go (PAYG) virtual machines (VMs). It is ideal for environments where VMs are regularly powered on and off, and for workloads that need to be kept on, near 100% of the month.

  • SDN components which enable self service networks and firewalling. 

  • vCloud API for automation. 
vCloud Standard

A self-service portal for VMware vCloud Director including:

  • The ability to deploy and manage self-service VMs.
  • Monitor vCloud resources
  • View public catalogues 
  • Create customer catalogues
  • Manage or deploy vApps




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