Useful Dashboard Features

Note: Only CloudCreator users with the following roles can access the Run Dashboards and Run List Reports features:
- Global Admins
- Billing Admin
- Reports User


Once you have selected a dashboard from the Run Dashboards screen, you can access the following features:

Hover for Additional Information

All dashboard graphics enable you to view additional information. Hover your mouse over a coloured tile for a few seconds. The extra information will pop up. 


Tools Menu and Focus Mode

All dashboard graphics and tables have some “tools” accessible via a hidden tools menu. To activate the Tools Menu, hover your mouse cursor at the top right of the graphic or table.


For example, the Focus mode tool (shown below) can be used to expand the graphic to fill the whole page.


Drill Down to More Detail

In most dashboards, there is a “drill down” feature. This will take you from the summary view (coloured tiles) to a detailed table view.


Follow these steps:


1. Right-mouse-click on a coloured tile, and select Drillthrough > Detail.



2. The Dashboard will swap from the Summary to the Detail tab. Here you can:

  • Filter the table based on which coloured tile you selected, and
  • Drill down from the list on the Summary tab.



Most dashboard graphics and tables support filtering. Follow these steps:


1. To activate a filter, click on a graphic element or heading (eg. coloured tile, legend, month, table row). All the other graphics and tables on the tab will filter based on what you clicked.


2. Click again to undo the filter.


For example, clicking on the graphic legend Data Services, filters the data by that item:






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