vCD-CLI is a command line interface for VMware vCloud Director. It utilises the vCD API.




For more information, see the VMware help page: vCD-CLI

vCD-CLI requires Python 3. See the sections below for installation on major OS distributions.


Pre-release and source installations are covered at the end of the page, so keep reading to experience life on the bleeding edge.


Note: The examples use pip3 for installing Python 3 modules to ensure correct results in environments with mixed Python versions. There are a couple of confusing exceptions related to installing pip itself. In these cases you must use the name pip.


Ubuntu 16.04

$ sudo apt-get install python3-pip gcc -y
$ pip3 install --user vcd-cli


Windows 10

Follow these steps:


1. Start by installing Python 3 using the latest Windows installer available from . Ensure that 'python.exe' is in the path.


2. Install vcd-cli and add to the PATH (needed for local installs):

  • C:UsersAdministrator>pip3 install --user vcd-cli
  • C:UsersAdministrator>set PATH=%PATH%;C:UsersAdministratorAppDataRoamingPythonPython36Scripts





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