View Available Resources (Administration and Catalogues)

Note: This option is only available to vCloud Director users with Administrator status. 

There are two types of resources that can be viewed:

These are described below.


Use these steps to view the available Administration resources.


1. From the vCloud Director portal, select Administration tab > Cloud Resources > Virtual Datacentres.



2. The Virtual Datacentres screen displays the predefined virtual datacentres that are allocated to the customer. Click the Monitor button. 


Note: A Virtual Datacentre is essentially a class of service.



3. The Monitor information appears, showing the pool of resources allocated to the customer for each Virtual Datacentre. A blue bar in the Storage column indicates how many allocated resources are consumed by the customer.



Note: Adding new Virtual Datacentres or increasing available capacity is a service provider task, performed by CCL. A customer cannot create their own, or modify existing Virtual Datacentres.


Two types of catalogues exist:

  • Public Catalogues – a basic library of VM templates and media images provided by CCL.
  • My Organisation’s Catalogues – a library of VM templates and media images built up by the customer and made available to their own users. These can be cloned from the CCL provided catalogue and then modified, or created from scratch.



To view the Public Catalogues follow these steps:


1. From the vCloud Director portal, select the Catalogues tab.


2. Select Public Catalogues listed on the left navigation bar. The page displays the CCL Shared Catalogue. This holds the vApp Templates (essentially VM templates) and the Media files (CD/DVD images) that are available to customers.



3. Select the vApp Templates tab for machine templates.


Note: Customer administrators can create their own Catalogues and share them with their own users. See Working with Catalogs for more information.



4. Select the Media & Other tab to display the available ISOs and CD images.




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