View Virtual Clouds

- The screens you can view in CloudCreator will vary, depending on your assigned role.
See Roles and Permissions for more information.
- Only users with Cloud Admin rights can perform management functions. See Manage a Child Cloud - Cloud Admin for more information.


Are Multiple Virtual Clouds in Use?

The way you select a virtual cloud in CloudCreator depends on whether your company is using single or multiple virtual clouds, and your role. 


Use the table below to determine whether your company has single or multiple clouds in use.  


Clouds in Use  Example
Single Cloud

Your CloudCreator screen shows only your company's name:


Multiple Clouds 

If your company is using multiple virtual clouds, and your CloudCreator role only allows you to access one virtual cloud, you will only see the virtual cloud name:


If your CloudCreator role allows you to access multiple virtual clouds, you will see both the company name and the currently selected child name. Select the drop-down menu to change the selected virtual cloud. 



Select a Virtual Cloud

Follow these steps to select a virtual cloud:


1. When you log into CloudCreator, the name of your default virtual cloud appears at the top of your CloudCreator screen. Click on your cloud name or All Clouds to view the cloud selector dropdown menu.


Note: Depending on your CloudCreator set-up and role, the cloud selector dropdown panel may be hidden. See Are Multiple Virtual Clouds in Use? above. 



2. Select either:

  • View all clouds to view all the virtual clouds for the organisation. See View All Clouds below. 
  • View parent cloud to select the “parent” (top level) cloud, or
  • Child cloud name to select that child virtual cloud.                    


3. The CloudCreator screen will refresh to reflect your selection.

View All Clouds

When you select View all clouds, you'll see a summary view of all your Parent and Child virtual clouds.



Use the table below to navigate the All Virtual Clouds screen.


If you want to... then...
View the Summary screen and Resource tabs for a virtual cloud Click the Cloud panel. For more information, see View the Virtual Cloud Summary below. 
Create a new virtual cloud

Click Create Virtual Cloud at the top right of your screen.

For more information, see Create a Child Cloud

Search for a cloud by name

In the Select Virtual Clouds field, type part or all of the cloud name to search. 

Tip: Enter three or more characters to improve your search and reduce the number of results returned.

Filter by subscription type

Click the Filter by Subscription dropdown and select a subscription type(s) from the list. (e.g. IAAS).


Note: For more information on subscriptions, see Roles and Permissions.

Access the management options for a Parent cloud

Select the Options Cog at the top of your screen.

For more information, see Manage a Parent Cloud - Global Admin.

Access management options for a Child cloud

Select the Options Cog at the top of your screen.

For more information, see Manage a Child Cloud - Global Admin.


View the Virtual Cloud Summary

When you select a single Parent or Child virtual cloud, the Summary screen appears by default. This shows the details of your virtual cloud including:

  • Designated contacts and cost centres.
  • Total number of VMs.
  • Storage in GB.
  • Cloud subscriptions.


From the Summary screen, you can also:

  • Launch your cloud subscriptions by clicking on the Cloud Subscription tiles (e.g. c-Stack).



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