Delete this page - View Virtual Machine Details (Offshore)

This section has been superceded by the new Compute page. The Compute page will be progressively enabled for all clients during September 2020.
The screens you can view in CloudCreator will vary, depending on your assigned role. See Roles and Subscriptions for more information.

Follow the steps below to view VM details.

1.  From the left hand menu, click   and select the Parent or Child cloud you wish to view.



2. The Summary screen for your cloud appears. Click on the Virtual Machines tab.

Note: Only the Global Admin user role can see the Providers tab which shows the details of accounts linked or unlinked to AWS and Azure.



3. The Virtual Machines screen appears. This shows the VM's grouped by the services and providers you are subscribed to. On this screen you can:

  • Find and sort your VM's by using the search function and drop down menus.
  • View the VM actions by selecting in the Actions column.
  • Refresh the details of an individual VM by selecting in the Actions column (AWS and Azure users only).

Note: If your offshore cloud provider does not appear, your account has not been linked. See: Link, Unlink and Modify Accounts.



4. Click on a VM name to view the VM Properties panel (click again to close). The information that appears will vary, depending on the service you are subscribed to (shown in the table below).


VM Type VM Properties Panel




See Modify an AWS Virtual Machine to find out about the control options available.



See Modify an Azure Virtual Machine to find out about the control options available.

Note: Click the eye icon   to view the OS Disk Details screen.


5. Click on the cog icon in the Actions column to view the VM Actions panel. Then click View VM Details.


6. The Virtual Machine Details screen will appear. This displays additional network interface information which varies, depending on the service you are subscribed to.





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