Waterfall Dashboards

CloudCreator provides 'trend' dashboards that display data in bar graphs. These graphs are good at showing how the total value changes over time:



But when looking at a single bar, it can be hard to see which components inside the bar changed the most. A waterfall dashboard shows the components that changed value the most, so you can focus on which components contributed most to the overall change in the bar total:



In a waterfall graph the blue bars represent the total value for each month:



Between each pair of blue month totals, the red and green bars represent the biggest few component changes (increases and/or decreases) that contributed to the month to month change. The yellow 'Other' bar represents the sum of any other components (that only changed a little):










Hovering over any coloured bar will give you detail on what it represents, including the % change. Note that the vertical axis does not start at zero. This helps the graph highlight the changes in value: 





















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